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Ok, bad news first.

I went in knowing very little about the movie. about the plot, only that there were aliens and that people had these alien avatars, hence the name of the movie.

I guessed the entire plot of the movie (in broad strokes anyway) right away. So a deep plot this is not.

But other then that it was an AMAZING movie. The world that it created, the characters that you really started to care for. Everything was just breathtakingly gorgeous.

We watched it at a local IMAX 3D theatre and that is DEFINITELY the way to go. It really makes you feel like you're there. I did get a little bit dizzy with the glasses though. It also could have been that we were sitting really close.

Damn there were a lot of people there at 11:30pm on a weekday. LOL

But the movie drew me in that I didn't mind the slight dizziness or that my glasses were a bit too tight on my head (since I had to wear them over my regular glasses).

Also the action sequences were freakin' amazing to watch.

Ok, I'm usually dead silent when watching movies, but man. I was going "oh man," "oh shit," "YES!" throughout the movie. That's how drawn in I was.

In a nutshell, go see it because it's freakin' gorgeous! Try to see it digitally in 3D because it will be a TREAT!
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