Ziggy Becket (ziggybecket) wrote,
Ziggy Becket

Anime OD and all the Sakura Taisen goodness!

Oh my god, this con was *so much fun!*

Not only did we get to meet, greet and go totally fanboy/girl over Yuriko Fuchizaki (Kohran's VA from Sakura Taisen) we did our super No Da Master-kun skit. :D

Yay it was great having everyone here to hang out and chat! aimee, positivespace, tartetatin, trionfale, tristencitrine, and ajmeow who already lives here, but what the hell. :)

I still can't believe that Miss Fuchizaki stopped us as we were going to her panel so that we could get pictures. X-D She was so very nice! And waaah, why didn't I learn the GekiTei dance. :P It was great that Tristen and Trionfale was able to go up there as Miss Fuchizaki was singing and dancing the intro song to Sakura Taisen!

::breaks out the GekiTei dance DVD right now::

Oh well it was all good, because she asked me to stand up when she wanted to show the audience who Shonen Red was. X-O

And for future reference, when we have 8 people sitting there playing "paper, rocks, scissors," to win prizes, let's not all get eliminated on the first try ok? ;-)

Thanks so much to twjudy for being our handler and taking pictures and saving us by bringing us water. Though you didn't have to rub in the fact that you weren't in costume and was all comfortable that many times. ;-)

And of course dmk26 for our photo shoot on Sunday. :) You got some GREAT pictures of us and I can't wait to plaster them everywhere. :D

Ahhhh! I want to make many many many many more Sakura Taisen costumes now. :D
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