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Private Photoshoot: Black Butler

Private Photoshoot: Black Butler
(Zip of all the photos)

tamayaki: Ciel Phantomhive
Dada: Grelle Sutcliffe
Yuki: Grelle Sutcliffe (nurse)
Rina: Sebastian Michaelis

Personal favorites under the cut






Hahaha, tamayaki called these my "Jesus shots." LOL! I did a similar type of shot back at AX and you can sort of see how I set up the shot.

Slightly less creepy this time though. ;-)

The thing that gets me is how cool the reflection is in Grelle's glasses. </photo nerd>







Some tests shots where the girls were goofing off.



Partial photo shoot will be on ACS when it is approved. Also apparently there's too many photos in the set, so not all photos will be uploaded to ACS.
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