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Ziggy Becket

Yaoi Con Schedule and Photo Shoots

Let me know if anyone wants a photo shoot for YCon.

My schedule is going to be a little tricky, especially on Saturday. So this is what I'm gonna do. I'm only doing paid shoots on Saturday to make it worth my time. I'll give special discount rate on LJ, compared to what I have on coscom.

On the bright side, mognetcentral and I will be trying out different photography and lighting techniques during the con. These shoots will be free, since we'll control the theme, look, and style of the photos, where with a paid shoot, you have the control. There will also be more setup time, since we'll be using more lighting and such, so it will take longer then a normal shoot. But they will still turn out pretty awesome if we have anything to say about it. ;-)

So if you're willing to let us experiment (photographically) on you, let me know what time you'll be free and what costume. If there's no takers, we'll just randomly steal cosplayers from the con. ;-)

Anyway, so yah, here's Saturday for me, tentatively...

1:00 pm : Dinner with family
3:00 - 4:30 pm : Beginner Argentine Tango
4:30 - 6:00 pm : Intermediate Argentine Tango
7:00pm - Late : YCon

I could leave for YCon after the beginner class, I'll think about it or if I have any paid shoots.

PS: No Photosshop in that above photo.
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