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Gate OPEN!

Well I finally finished watching Gate Keepers. I really liked the series and being the dork that I am, I was tearing up at the last episode. Yah, I'm sappy. :)

I'd like to cosplay Ukiya. He basically wears a boy's school uniform, with a bandage on his nose and a kendo practice sword. This will be one of my "easy/comfortable" costumes. Really it will be. :)

Actually it's that or one of the Invaders, but that involves like... white or grey face paint... so Ukiya it is... maybe. :) celestemoweaqua does have a Ruriko costume already. ::sigh:: too many costume ideas!

Anyway, I'm almost done with my ACen photos, just a couple more pages to go and all of my photos will be sorted.

Ok, back track a little. BayCon was an absolute blast. Not only did ajmeow and company win best in show for their LoTR skit, but it was also good to see people I only see at BayCon.

Oh! How's this for strange, apparently I'd been talking this girl who knows my cousin Frank! I was introducing myself to someone else as she was walking away, and she overheard me telling someone my name! Hehe, it's really a small world. :)

It was also a lot of fun wandering the BayCon parties at night. I actually went to the Regency Dance on Saturday as well and danced a few numbers. One with a stranger who was very nice in putting up with my lack of dancing feet. :) I also danced a few with karisu_sama. It's actually a lot of fun! I would have tried some more of the dances, but the room wasn't really well ventilated so it got really hot and muggy. So I ran off to other parts of BayCon.

Anyway, it's a great con, and I've already pre-registered for next year. :)

Yah, and the week before BayCon I was in Ill for Anime Central. I went with Moo and stayed with Ayaka. It was really good to see her again. :)

ACen was also just a fantastic con! There were so many Sakura Taisen panels! We also got to meet and talk with Maya Okamoto who is the voice actress of Orihime Soletta. She was really nice and very funny at her panels. :) Apparently she's now living in the US.

Anyway, what else? Oh, I dunno why, but my Squall costume seemed really popular. I got a ton of picture requests as Squall. I would have thought that Squall would be "over-cosplayed" at this point, but I guess not. :>

Anyway, I'll get back to finish my ACen gallery. :)

Oh, I'm really beginning to like live journal. Hell, it has a spell check feature! That in itself is worth paying for. ;-)
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