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Ziggy Becket

You're Under Arrest!

Well I don't know if you've ever heard of the anime series, but I've recently come across seven episodes of the live action version of the series.

The funny thing is, I watched a few episodes of the YUA Season 2 fansub and I really didn't like it. However, I really like the live action series!

It's basically a police soap opera with crime cases interjected. The first few cases are pretty easy IMHO, I mean this isn't CSI or NYPD Blue.

But it's the interaction of the characters that are great. Especially the friendship between Miyuki and Natsumi. They are just the best of friends and kick butt on the job. :) Despite the fact that they are only in the traffic division. ;-) Meter maids have to have some fun too! :)

What I also love to watch is the unrequited love between Miyuki and Nakajima, the macho man's man, except when it comes to Miyuki. :)

From what little I've seen of YUA Season 2, Miyuki and Natsumi don't have any super human powers. They aren't stopping cars with their bare feet nor are they tossing whole cars at people. But they do do a lot of perfectly human kicking of ass. Basically they made it realistic... well... compared to the anime anyway. :)

Being the total sap that I am, I actually teared up in a couple of the episodes. Yes, I'm easy. :P

And besides, I think the human Miyuki and Natsumi are much cuter then their anime counterparts. :D

I can't wait until more episodes come out, and I'm saddened by the fact that again, this will *never* come out in the US in official form. :P
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