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Anime Central 2004 Report

Here's my ACen 2004 report. I hope it's not too boring for you all. :)

Thursday - Delay and Arrival
So my trip to ACen hit a minor glitch right off the bat.

As I board the plane heading to Chicago and get seated, the Captain gets on the speaker and tells us that we'll be delayed for over an hour. It's not just, the entire Chicago airport is shut down due to thunder storms. Um... ouch.

On the up side, I do have most of Space Michael done. The bodysuit fits pretty well. There are some random wrinkles where the armpits are but I guess that's ok. The only thing I need to finish is add the Space Channel 5 symbol on the chest. But that's just a little bit of hand sewing so it's ok.

I finally get to Chicago, a few hours late. I meet up with Moo at the airport. Her flight wasn't as badly delayed as mine so we actually ran into each other at the airport.

We get to the ACen hotel, but only after calling ayakasan to ask which hotel to go to via the airport shuttle. Hehe.

I meet up with everyone at the hotel, mostly with 13th_kingdom, ayakasan and saeru. If you don't know, I met Saeru when I went to Otakon and she convinced me to help her out with a skit. Little did I know that she was going to do that to me again. >_<; But more on that later.

Mostly, I was hanging out in Yui's room finishing up Space Michael. I had finished hand sewing the Space Channel 5 symbol while waiting at the airport terminal. Now it was just me attaching it to the body suit. Once again, Moo helped me pin it on my chest. I say, "once again" because she helped me do that with the symbol on my Zack body suit. Ahh, good times. :)

I met up with my roommate, megumi_gurl a little later that night. I know it's fun having a lot of people in a room but once and a while it's nice not to worry about space and waiting for the shower. :)

I haven't seen Megumi since, man... last Otakon? And the first time I met her was last year at ACen. It was fantastic being able to see her again! Actually, this is our one year anniversary. ;-)

Friday - Read or Die
Thanks to Megumi for being my personal alarm clock, I was actually able to get out of bed at an early hour and attend panels and stuff.

Of course I went to the massive Read or Die panel. If nothing else, ACen always seems to have amazing Japanese guests. They even had the Japanese voice actress of Anita from ROD TV and Lavie from Last Exile, two of my favorite series!

But, something that does bug me about ACen is the fact that the American VAs always gets a HUGE line of people wanting their autographs, while the Japanese VAs usually have very short lines. I mean, I don't get it, they fly all the way from Japan, are the creators of of the anime that they love (ROD in this case), and yet, only a few die hard fans wants to get autographs? It boggles the mind. :( Do they not realize that even fans in Japan don't get this kind of access?

Of course the up side to their ignorance is that we get short lines and lots of access to these guests.

Anyway, Friday was a great hang out day. Got to go nuts listening and meeting the people who worked on ROD and ROD TV and caught up with a lot of friends at the con.

Saturday - Dancing with Space Michael
This is where it's all Maggie's fault. :P

She, once again, she got a crazy idea to do a masquerade skit. It was a Space Channel 5 skit. I of course, happened to have a SC5 costume, Space Michael.

So we spent a good part of the day preparing for that. I find it sort of funny that, thanks to Ayaka's Powerbook, we were able to throw together the audio and voiceovers for our skit in a couple of hours and burn the CD with 5 minutes to spare. 8-O We recorded all of the voice and mixed the songs with fading and stuff. Ta-da! Our insta-skit.

The skit is basically Space Michael and the Evil guy with a bunny from Saiyuki had stolen the most powerful source of energy in the universe. She was Vash-bait, which is Maggie's friend who had lots of pushie donuts on her body. X-D So a band of video game heros, that included Balmung (.hack//sign), Lupin (Lupin the III), Baiken (Guilty Gear) and Taishi (Comic Party) were sent to get Vash Bait back.

Little did they know that the only way to defeat Space Michael is by dancing. So after I do some random Michael Jackson moves, we start going into Space Channel 5 moves.

I swear, I'm never going to forget this now. Left left, right right, up, hey (back), chu chu chu.

We do that a four times, but Michael and my minion screw up the last few times and lose to our heroes.

Anyway, that was our skit. We had a blast doing it. :) I however, will never live down the fact that part of my Space Michael moves involved grabbing my crotch and screaming toward the audience. >_<;; Nope, never ever living that down. It's all Maggie's and my group's fault. They kept encouraging me to go nuts on stage. Where was the angel amongst them to say, "No... that's going too far..."

As usual, thanks to Kevin at Fansview, here are some pictures of my costume and our skit.

Space Michael - The first online picture. Man I look really stupid in that wig. :)

It looks like I'm really getting into the part doesn't it?

The Vash-Bait that we stole, and what the hell am I doing there? 8-|

Yay! I have a minion! Oh yah, and here's my package. :P Note to self, use only 1 sock instead of 3 next time. >_<;;

Anyway, uber congratulations to Maggie for winning the Best in Show in Individual Craftsmanship and everyone who won an award!

Thankfully my entire Saturday wasn't taken up by skit preparations. I still had time to meet up with people, chat and go to other ROD panels.

I really have to say that I'm always amazed at how many people and cosplayers I know and who know me! It's great to be able to talk shop and hang out with everyone. It makes it so much more bearable in the green room.

Sunday - Sad goodbyes
Ahh, the last day of the con. After having so much fun, it's sad to see it all ending. The one upside was that I had a rather late flight, so I could hang around and chat with everyone who was still around. It's a little weird seeing everyone out of costume, but it was good at the same time.

You don't have to worry about your costume or props and you can just talk.

Though I have to say that fayefayechan swears like a fucking sailor. :P I mean, after talking with her for about 10 minutes, I started saying fuck, fuckin', and other expletives, every other word. Thanks for the goodbye gift. :P

There are way too many names to name so I won't even try. But I did get a few pictures of our non-costumed craziness.

Anime Central: Friends

Over all it was a fantastic con! A wonderful balance of great programming, cosplay and hanging out with people. I had a blast! :)
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