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Puppets and Robots in Masquerades?

Wow, I actually posted a question on Cosplay.com? The world must be coming to an end! ;-)


So recently at conventions such as Comic Con and Otakon, I've seen many masquerade entries in which either a robot or puppets were in the masquerade.

For instance, at Comic Con, there was a fully remote controlled R2D2 (no person inside). Also last year's Comic Con there was a Mass Production Unit EVA puppet that was in the masquerade. It was controlled by two people behind the puppet.

And from the Otakon photos I've seen, there was a Utena/Muppets skit in which puppets (Miss Piggy, Kermit the Frog, etc) were dressed up in Utena costumes.

Now, here's my question. Do you think these types of costumes should be put in consideration for craftsmanship judging?

This is NOT to say they didn't deserve their awards for creativity and hard work, or that their skits weren't good, it's not! I personally think that Utena/Muppets skit is a great idea and I wish I could have seen it. :)

I only bring this up because masquerades are traditionally a showcase for costumes on a person. If you start having robots or puppets, say winning Best in Show Awards or Best Craftsmanship awards (just in theory) would that change the flavor of the masquerade? Since most people see masquerades as a costume contest. What if the costume is no longer on a person?

Just something to think about. Also, I've been asked to judge at future anime conventions and would like to hear input and opinions on this matter.

Thanks. :)
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