Ziggy Becket (ziggybecket) wrote,
Ziggy Becket

Birthday, Boredom and Booty!

Eep, haven't been journaling much, so here's a quick rundown of everything this past weekend. :)

Saw League of Extraordinary Gentlemen on Friday with Mel and Somyi. It was actually a great movie! :) Sean Connery is cool as ever. I really also liked how they brought all those fictional characters together into one story.

On Saturday night, went to karisu_sama's birthday party. I had such a good time. :) And I have to say, her kids are *so spoiled* waaaah! Video games, anime, manga all over the place. And a mom that makes their costumes. :)

On Sunday I went to Japantown for Cosplayers' Boredom. Basically a random gathering of cosplayers just for the hell of it. Though, Somyi and Mel didn't make it to their own event. :P It was still a lot of fun seeing people from Cosplay.com and practicing some photography.

It was cool to talk to positivespace in person again. Actually say something other then, "Gotta go!" at Fanime. I also gave her the FFX-2 Art book that I got for her at AX. In exchange I'm borrowing her Magic Knight Rayearth manga. Woohoo. :)

Oh, and I ran into Dawn and Nando who I know from Cosplay.com and various anime conventions. They were just driving by Japantown and happened to see the cosplayers in the square and decided to stop and look around. Small world huh? :)

The pictures are up in my cosplay.com gallery. I'll post a link later, it seems that cosplay.com is down right now.

After CB, I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean. Ok, I'll admit it, it was a lot of fun! I don't quite understand all the female squealing involved in this movie, but it was such a fun movie to see. Very funny, lots of action, and some amazing effects. No spoilers, don't worry. :)

Anyway, had a great weekend. Now I need to get ready for Comic Con... 8-O
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